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Take action to stop the spread of African swine fever

African swine fever (ASF) continues to spread across the world, killing domestic and wild pigs and heightening panzootic risks for all countries. It is time to join forces to put an end to this deadly pig disease, whose impact goes far beyond animal health and welfare, as it causes severe production and economic losses and threatens food security.

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OIE Director General’s 2018 Activity Report

Halfway into the implementation of its 6th Strategic Plan (2016-2020), the OIE continues to strengthen its initiatives in improving animal health and welfare on a global scale. Dr Monique Eloit, OIE Director General, emphasised the Organisation’s steadfast commitment...

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The 87th OIE General Session is officially open

Every year, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) brings together the national Delegates from its 182 Member Countries as well as representatives from its global network of experts and partners to address the challenges in accelerating more resilient animal health systems. During this six-day event, the World Assembly of Delegates focuses on adopting new international standards on animal health and welfare and on considering current and future global animal health challenges.

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